a digital visiting card


Why Use Smart Business Card

Smart Business Card is a digital card which allow the recipient to click on all the details mentioned on the card as icons.

Its a unique way to present your company/product to your prospective clients, where they can visit your Website, Facebook, Instagram etc with just a click.

Its all about raising your Standards, make Unforgettable Impression on your prospects with Smart Business Card.

Just for

Rs 399

( Card Sample 1-7, 9-21 )

Rs 599

( Card Sample 8 & 22 )

Benefits of Smart Business Card
click to call on mobile

Click to Call

On Mobile Number 

One Click on the Mobile Icon and your Prospect will able to call you without typing your number

click to visit website

Click to Open Website

One Click on the Website Icon and your Prospect will land on your Website without typing Website URL

click to whatsapp meassage

Click to Send

Whatsapp Message

One Click on the Whatsapp Icon and your Prospect will able to send message to you without saving number

click to visit social media page

Click to Open Social Media Profile Page

One Click on the Respective Social Media Icon and your Prospect will be able to see your Profile Page of that Social Media Page

click to send mail

Click to Send Mail

One Click on the Mail Icon and your Prospect will able to send you email without typing your email address

click to open google map

Click to Open Address on Google Map

One Click on the Google Map Icon and your Prospect will be able to reach your location  without typing your address

try click to action on card


business card

Its Time To Change The Way You Have a Business Card !

Smartways Digitals Revolutionary Smart Business Card 

Smart Business Card is a pdf file which can be shared via Mobile / Mail, Where the Reciever of the File when opens the link it opens like the displayed file on mobile and the user can then Click on All the Icons which takes to the Respective Application.

For any query or for addition / deletion of any Social Media App, or to see a Demo Card, call us now and speak to our team member

digital visiting card
digital visiting card

smart business card
smart business card

digital business card
digital business card

digital visiting card
digital visiting card

 Smart Business Card Order Form

Smart Business Card Priced  at

Rs 399 for Card Sample 1-7 , 9-21(Predefined Themes),

Rs 599 for Card Sample 8 and 22(Customise Theme)